• Neikia
  • Neikia,

    Electronic Imaging Librarian

She helped a patient find the lobby..

After a long day in radiology, Neikia's patient was hungry. Too bad the kitchen was closed. Neikia tracked down a chef and some food for her patient. It seems that she did something more than remarkable.

She also found some dinner.

  • Name: Neikia
  • Title: Electronic Imaging Librarian
  • Facility: PHM Radiology Department
  • Years with Novant Health: Thirteen years

Why healthcare?

I chose healthcare as a career because, even as a young adult, I believed I had a lot to offer to each person I came in contact with. I chose Radiology because it's a hands-on and up-close and personal department.

What's the best part of your job?

The most rewarding parts of my job are coming to work and being around the most loving, caring, sharing, team-driven, dependable and diverse group of people I have ever known. We are one body and mind when it comes to each other and taking care of our patients.

If not healthcare, what would you do?

I can honestly say I don't know - because being in healthcare has always been a goal, and this is my dream come true. I love it here.

What about your spare time?

I volunteer at the women's shelter in Charlotte, NC, I love going to church, I love a great book and the time it takes to read one, being with my friends and having great food and a good time... but most of all taking the time with my family and just making sure that everything is right in their life.